Stop The Signs Of Aging And Potentially Reverse The Hands Of Time

If crow's feet are imminent near the corners of your face, and you find yourself wincing at the thought of smiling at others because of the way that the lines and wrinkles deepen from the movement of your facial features, stop the signs of aging and potentially reverse the hands of time with one of the methods that follow. 

Use A Facelift Band And Concealing Makeup

If you are thinking about getting a facelift but are not sure about the outcome of the procedure or how you will be perceived by others, perhaps you should test the waters and receive temporary results. A facelift band is a product that is concealed along the edges of your face, and that can be covered with strands of hair. Many manufacturers sell these products, and they may be marketed under different names.

The main objective of a band is to temporarily hold your facial skin while it is taught to prevent deep creases from forming. The top of your forehead, eyes, chin, and cheeks are some of the areas that can be treated with this product.

The band is stretchy and will remain in place once it is applied. If you purchase this product, sit down in front of a vanity as you learn how to install the band. Once satisfied, apply a light coat of a concealer to reduce the appearance of age spots or moles. At the end of each day, remove the band by simply stretching it and pulling it away from your face. 

Opt For A Permanent Procedure

If you receive compliments when you are wearing the band but are ready to try something permanent so that you won't need to take a lot of time to prepare your face prior to heading out, Botox, an eyebrow lift, or a full facelift are some procedures that will provide you with a youthful appearance.

Before choosing any of the procedures, meet with a surgeon who has been in the surgical business for a lot of years, and that has received rave reviews from their patients. Do not feel pressured into making a decision about a surgery. A doctor will want to make sure that you realize the steps involved in each of the procedures, the amount of healing time that you can expect to wait, and any complications that could occur.

If you are still interested after the initial meeting, the surgeon will examine your facial skin and discuss the cost of the procedure that you have chosen. It is important to follow up with your doctor after the surgery and to take good care of your skin so that you can maintain your youthful appearance.