The Brazilian Butt Lift: Getting The Curvier Figure You Have Always Wanted

Have you always felt a bit insecure about your butt? When wearing certain types of pants, such as jeans and slacks, the pants may feel perfect around your waist but loose and uncomfortable around the hips and buttocks area. If you would like to have a fuller figure and feel confident with the shape of your body, there is a surgical procedure that is becoming even more popular than it has ever been before and it is known as the Brazilian butt lift. It is performed to give the buttocks a rounder, lifted appearance.

Why Do People Undergo the Procedure?

People undergo the Brazilian butt lift procedure for different reasons. There are some people who have always wanted to have that curvier appearance but were unable to achieve it on their own. However, there are others who have noticed sagging of the buttocks over time because of their age or because of dramatic weight loss, thus causing them to feel insecure about it. If you are not happy with the shape of your buttocks, you have the option of undergoing this procedure to make some significant and completely noticeable changes.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

During a Brazilian butt lift, the cosmetic surgeon is going to remove excess fat from other parts of the body. In most instances, the fat is removed from the abdominal area, an area of that body that many people have trouble with when it comes to losing weight. Once the fat is removed from other areas, it is then transferred over to the buttocks during the butt lift procedure. The goal is to lift the buttocks to keep it from sagging while inserting the additional fat to give it that full and round appearance. It is considered a much safer alternative to having implants inserted because there is always a chance that the implants will break or flip over.

How Long Is It Going to Take?

If you are worried about being under anesthesia for an extended period, it is good to know that the procedure typically takes about eight hours, but it may take less time depending on the cosmetic surgeon who is performing the procedure and the amount of fat being suctioned from those other body parts. Although the procedure itself is not going to take all day long, you should be fully prepared to be there all day because you need to arrive earlier to complete paperwork and receive sedation before the procedure even begins.

What Is Recovery Going to Be Like?

Recovery is different for people based on their tolerance to pain. You are going to experience a significant amount of pain immediately after the surgery, but the cosmetic surgeon may offer a prescription for medication to ease that pain. You are not going to be able to sit on your buttocks for a few weeks, which may be one of the most difficult parts about going through the recovery process. You will need to spend time resting on your stomach to give your buttocks a chance to heal. It is not uncommon to notice bruising, but the bruising should start to subside after a week or so.

There are many people who choose to undergo the Brazilian butt lift procedure because they feel like their buttocks look flat or saggy. The procedure will drastically improve the way that the buttock looks by giving it more of a curvier appearance. The procedure does take several hours to complete and should only be performed by a certified cosmetic surgeon with plenty of experience. If you are interested in this procedure, you should be prepared to take time off from work to go through the recovery process because you are going to need to have some time to heal.