Make Your Grand Entrance With Less Wrinkles And A Youthful Glow

If you are going to be speaking at a public conference this spring, you may be unimpressed with your current appearance and be concerned that the audience will be scrutinizing you while you speak. If you have prominent worry lines and on your face, receiving Botox can minimize these imperfections that are signs of aging. Regaining your attractiveness and confidence level will give you a reason to stand tall while speaking to the crowd.

Have Realistic Expectations

Botox won't alter your appearance in a manner in which you won't be recognizable, and it also won't completely remove all signs of aging. Injections will, however, lessen the signs of aging in a subtle manner, and with routine injections, you can expect to maintain a more youthful appearance. Using flattering cosmetics after a procedure is performed will also be beneficial.

The objective is to enhance your best features and lightly camouflage the areas that are troubling you. Because Botox will minimize wrinkles and lines on your face, not as much makeup will be needed to conceal the imperfections that you may have noticed prior to having your aging skin treated. 

Prepare For Your Appointment

Before your Botox appointment, consult with the owner of an establishment that offers wrinkle and line treatments so that you can discuss the areas on your face that are bothering you and learn how a treatment can help. 

During the injection process, tingling, pulling of the skin and minor discomfort may be apparent. Try to focus on something pleasant and attempt to remain as still as possible. The final results that you receive may not be instantaneous. Facial swelling and redness could be issues for a couple of days. After this, it will take another week or two for you to see the full effect of the treatment.

After an injection, the muscles in your face will weaken, but the degree of weakening will vary from person to person. Once the weakening has occurred, wrinkled skin will have a smoother appearance since you won't be straining your muscles when you speak or respond to stimuli with facial movements. 

Prevent New Lines From Forming

Botox can be used to treat the same areas on your face every few months but you should try to prevent new lines from forming as well. Use cosmetics, toners, and facial cleansers that contain natural ingredients. Use a minimal amount of cosmetics when possible and avoid using cosmetics altogether when you are staying home and relaxing. Always apply sunscreen to your face before heading outside.