Permanent Makeup Removal May Be The Answer When You're Unhappy With Your Tattoos

Permanent makeup makes your life more convenient when it's applied properly, and you like the results. You spend less time on makeup in the mornings, and you never have to worry about your makeup running when you cry or swim. However, if your results are not what you expected, or if the color pigments degrade over time and change color, you may end up very unhappy and even embarrassed about your appearance. In that case, you'll probably look into permanent makeup removal to see if it's right for you. Here are some options your cosmetic doctor, dermatologist, or makeup artist might recommend.

A Topical Abrasive Or Cream

You can buy tattoo removal creams that are supposed to lighten the tattoo and help it disappear, but these aren't always effective. In some cases, using an abrasive topical product might help the tattoo removal process, but this might only work when the permanent makeup is still fresh. Another consideration is using a harsh product around your eyes. If you have permanent eyeliner you want to get rid of, you should talk to a doctor about the best way to proceed. Your doctor might recommend waiting until the ink has aged enough to proceed with laser removal. Your case is unique, and the doctor considers your skin type, the location of the makeup, the age of the tattoos, and the type of pigments used when determining the best way to go about removing the makeup.

Laser Removal

Laser removal is a common way to deal with permanent makeup. While it sounds dangerous to use a laser around your eyes, your eyes are protected with shields, so it's safe to use laser removal for eyeliner and all other types of permanent makeup. The tattoos with permanent makeup are not as deep as regular tattoos, so the ink is a little easier to remove. However, it is still a difficult job, especially since the tattoos are on your face, and you don't want any scars to result.

You might notice a change in the appearance of the tattoo after one laser treatment, but you'll probably need several treatments to get the results you want. Getting a laser treatment is a little like getting a sunburn. You might have red skin, blisters, and soreness for a short while after the treatment, but you'll be able to resume your usual activities as long as you wear sunblock and avoid swimming or soaking in a tub until your doctor says it's okay.

Since permanent makeup is on your face, you should be careful about DIY attempts to lighten the tattoo. You could make your appearance worse or harm delicate facial skin. Also, speak to a cosmetic doctor or dermatologist before undergoing a second procedure to fix the first because adding more ink could make removing the original ink much harder to do.

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