3 Ways A Cosmetic Surgeon Can Help With The Impact Of STDs On Your Body

If you are a sexually active adult with multiple partners, you need to take care to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. If you contract an STD, it is important to get treatment right away for the STD. Failure to get treatment right away for a sexually transmitted infection can result in cosmetic issues with your genital area.

A Cosmetic Surgeon Can Help With Skin Discoloration

There are some STDs that can impact the color of your skin on your genital areas. For example, if you contract syphilis and develop rashes related to your syphilis, the rashes can leave behind discoloration on your body. This discoloration may be very slight, or it may be more pronounced and noticeable on your body.

If you have skin discoloration as the result of rashes left behind by an STD, a cosmetic surgeon can help with this issue. They can use laser surgery to help make your skin look more uniform if the issue is really just coloring. If the skin is damaged, they can use skin grafts to repair the skin in that area of your body.

A Cosmetic Surgeon Can Help With Genital Scars

Some STDs can really damage your genital area, leaving behind scars that don't go away even after the disease has been treated. Genital scars can be unsightly and can sometimes interfere with your sexual activity as well.

Any STD that can cause warts, sores, or even lesions to occur in your genital area can leave behind some deep scars. After you have treated the STD and it has been resolved, a cosmetic surgeon can help you with the consequences of your STD. There are various laser therapies a cosmetic surgeon could use to help reduce the appearance of your scar. This type of treatment usually takes multiple sessions to get the best results.

A Cosmetic Surgeon Can Help Restore Your Genital Areas Appearance

Some STDs can really change the way that your genital area looks. If you had a severe STD that went untreated for a while, it could really alter the way that you look in your genital area. A cosmetic surgeon can help reconstruct and restore your genital area through surgery to make that area look more like it did before your STD.

If you have an STD, get it treated right away to avoid complications. If you experience complications from having an STD, a cosmetic surgeon may be able to help deal with changes to the appearance of your genital area.

For more information about this kind of STD treatment, contact a cosmetic surgeon in your area.