5 Common Myths About Tummy Tucks

A tummy tuck is a popular plastic surgery procedure that can help you achieve a smoother and flatter stomach. It's a great option for people who have excess fat on their stomach due to weight loss or pregnancy. Although plastic surgeons have been performing tummy tucks for a long time, there are still many misconceptions about them.

Here are some of the most common myths about tummy tucks.

Only Women Get Tummy Tucks

It's true that many women decide to get tummy tucks. However, many men also choose to get tummy tucks to improve the appearance of their abdomens. Just like women, a lot of women struggle to achieve a flat stomach through diet and exercise alone.

Older People Can't Get Tummy Tucks

Tummy tucks aren't just for the young. As long as they are in good health, older people can safely undergo a tummy tuck procedure. Senior citizens who wish to have a tummy tuck should have a health assessment and be honest about their medical histories with their doctors.

Tummy Tucks Are for Lazy People

It's another common misconception that tummy tucks are for people who just don't want to diet or exercise. Due to genetics or other factors, some people can't achieve flat stomachs from cutting calories and exercising. 

Tummy Tucks Can Help You Lose Weight

Tummy tucks are very different from weight loss procedures. They just remove excess skin and fat around the abdomen, improving its shape and appearance. After you get a tummy tuck, you will not notice a drastic change on the scale. Good candidates should be at their ideal weight before undergoing a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tucks are Dangerous Procedures

Some people may shy away from getting a tummy tuck because they assume they're dangerous procedures. However, tummy tucks are not any more risky than other plastic surgery procedures and have a low risk of major complications. As long as you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon and are in good health, your risk of experiencing complications is minimal. If you have any concerns about possible risks, you should discuss that with your plastic surgeon during your initial consultation.

As you can see, there are many misconceptions about tummy tucks. If you are interested in getting a tummy tuck, you should schedule a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon. He or she will help you determine if you're a good candidate for the procedure.