Why Preventative Botox Is Becoming More Common

Botox has been around for a long time now, and it has traditionally been associated with older men and women users. The idea is that Botox can help reduce the wrinkles and signs of aging, but that is not entirely how a Botox procedure can help you. In fact, as more and more people recognize that preventative Botox is a very useful tool, the average age of Botox users has gone down. So what is preventative Botox and why are younger people getting into an anti-aging procedure? Here is a quick rundown of why you might want to consider Botox earlier than you thought.

What Does Botox Actually Do?

Botox is actually a toxin that targets the nerves it comes into contact with, sending them into a type of paralysis and stopping them from moving. It does not restore your muscles or skin, and it cannot repair any deep frown lines that you may have already established. It simply stops you from creating more frown lines and reduces the damage to the current wrinkles you have already. Thus, it can help older users quite a lot, but its main benefit is definitely seen the most in younger users who haven't yet had those thicker wrinkles created.

What Is Preventative Botox?

If you go to your local cosmetic surgeon that does Botox procedures, they will walk you through how Botox can help reduce the effects of aging, not turn back the clock. They will examine your facial features and point out where you are most likely going to see the most change in five, ten, fifteen, and even twenty years down the track. Then, they can start addressing that issue by applying Botox to the troublesome regions, stopping you from allowing the wrinkles to be created and keeping you looking younger for longer than ever before.

How Long Does Botox Last?

When used as part of an overall beauty program, Botox can be extremely helpful in keeping youthful skin well into your 40s, 50s, and beyond. While you might need fewer appointments when you are younger, these will likely become more common as you get older and the signs become more clear. Most of the time Botox will last for a good few months, and sometimes, depending on the person, it can even linger on past that. Considering how much many people pay for beauty products that last much less than that, it can be a very efficient way to spend your money. 

To learn more about Botox, contact a local cosmetic surgeon.