Should You Wait After A Nose Injury To Get Rhinoplasty?

Getting hit or struck in the nose isn't anyone's idea of a good time, and unfortunately, these kinds of injuries can have a significant impact on your appearance, among other problems. If you've recently experienced a serious injury to your nose, like a break or fracture, you might be wondering if you should seek help from a cosmetic surgeon for it soon or not. The easy answer here is that yes, the sooner you head to a cosmetic surgeon, the better. Here's a quick rundown of why.

Why Sooner is Better

When a nose is broken, the bone and cartilage in the nose are either dislodged or completely fractured. The body is pretty good at repairing bones and cartilage, but without direction, it may not heal itself the way that you want it to. Permanent aesthetic changes to the shape of your nose may be possible if you don't get help while the healing process is still going on. By getting help sooner, your cosmetic surgeon can utilize their knowledge and techniques to guide your nose to repair itself in the right way, by splinting the bone and performing any surgical procedures necessary to clear away damage.

Resolved or Avoided Problems

For many people, breaking the nose is just the beginning of their problems. When a nose is damaged badly enough or begins to heal on its own, it can lead to issues like the nasal passageways becoming partially blocked. This can make it difficult to breathe properly and increases the likelihood of snoring.

In addition, it's possible for additional problems like blood clots to form. If you're already experiencing any of these issues, a cosmetic surgeon can develop a plan to reshape your nose to open up your airways and prevent further damage to the cartilage from blood clots.

What to Expect

When you visit with a cosmetic surgeon, they'll perform both a visual/physical examination and run some scans, like x-rays, to get an idea of what the inside of your nose and face look like.

From there, they can show you the problems that have developed or which are in the process of developing. The two of you will talk about fixing these problems. It's also a good time to talk about any cosmetic problems with your nose that you may want to be resolved, whether they came from the break or not. Your surgeon will be able to formulate a plan to reshape and repair your nose, allowing it to heal into a normal, aesthetically pleasing shape without any breathing difficulties.

For more information on rhinoplasty surgery, contact a professional like Susan L. Chobanian, M.D.