Benefits Of Professional Microneedling Services

There are several skin resurfacing treatments available. Each depends on what outcome you want and your skin type prior to the first treatment. Some of these services are available as at-home options. One common option for at-home or do-it-yourself treatment is microneedling. Though you may be tempted to do this at home, there are some vital reasons and benefits for using a professional service. 

Additional Treatments

One of the first things to note about microneedling deals with the number of treatments you need. Most do-it-yourself treatments may be one-time treatments. However, microneedling is not as harsh as treatments such as chemical peels. This means it can take multiple treatments in order to get to the goal you have in mind. Ideally, this should be done on a routine basis and by a professional that can gauge how many treatments you will need. A professional can determine the number of treatments needed as well as how often they should be done in order to avoid damage to your skin. 

Healing Time

A benefit of getting professional microneedling is the healing time. Microneedling uses tiny needles that run over your skin on a roller. The needles cause very small pricks into the skin. You can not visibly see the damage the needles cause. The small injuries are designed to help the skin kickstart a healing process. This is what activates the resurfacing of the skin you are trying to achieve. This type of healing is less intense than a chemical reaction of healing or peeling processes offer. Having a professional do this can ensure that the needle gauge is right for your skin and that any changes to the needle gauge are done safely. 

Texture Issues

One of the reasons you may be considering microneedling is due to texturing issues on your skin. For example, you may have very rough or dry areas or areas that are red and sore. Though you can do microneedling on your own, you can also make the issues worse by using the wrong needle gauge. You can also spread bacteria into the areas if you do not have the proper sanitizing tools. A professional can ensure that sanitizing has been done properly, the needle gauge is correct, and the pressure used is ideal for your skin needs. 

These are just a few of the benefits of using a professional microneedling service as part of skin resurfacing treatment. If you would like to move forward, contact your local cosmetic skin treatment procedures clinic. They can schedule an evaluation appointment and determine if microneedling is ideal for your situation.