Can You Get Dermal Fillers In Your 30s?

If you've always assumed that dermal fillers were only for older patients, then you're not alone. Fillers are often seen as being for patients with significant skin sagging and wrinkles. Indeed, the right fillers can do a lot for these issues. But you don't have to be retirement age to benefit from dermal fillers. In fact, many patients begin getting filler treatments in their 30s. Here's a closer look at what filler treatments in your 30s might involve and how they can benefit you.

What fillers would you get in your 30s?

The fillers a med spa practitioner is likely to administer in your 30s are a bit different from the ones they'd generally give an older patient with more pronounced wrinkles. In your 30s, they'll often use hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in your skin. It gives your skin volume and makes it nice and plush. You start to lose hyaluronic acid as you age, and this starts early. It's amazing what a little hyaluronic acid can do to make you look slightly smoother, more toned, and a bit younger.

Where will you get filler injections in your 30s?

You can really get the injections anywhere that your skin is starting to show signs of sagging and aging. But there are a few areas where 30-somethings tend to get fillers first:

  • To the sides of your eyes: Crow's feet start to appear around this age, and fillers can flatten out these tiny wrinkles.
  • To the sides of your mouth: Smile lines to either side of your mouth respond well to a small filler shot.
  • Nasolabial folds: The folds between your nose and lip start to deepen in your 30s, and fillers can make them look more shallow and youthful.
  • Your forehead: If you're starting to develop shallow wrinkles across your forehead, which is common, a little filler can help.

What are the goals of filler injections in your 30s?

The primary objective is to try and reverse the subtle signs of aging that you're starting to experience. Patients often look in the mirror after getting filler shots and are happy to look more like themselves again. Usually, cosmetic doctors use a pretty small dose on 30-something patients, so the results should look natural and not overly dramatic.

Filler injections are not just for older patients. If you are in your 30s and want to bring back a little more youthfulness, these shots are something to consider. For more information on anti-aging dermal fillers, contact a professional near you.