Considering Microneedling? What To Know

While microneedling may sound scary, it's a cosmetic treatment that can address various concerns. Microneedling involves puncturing the skin with tiny needles to stimulate collagen production. As we age, collagen levels naturally decrease. Treatments that increase collagen production can lead to many cosmetic benefits. Microneedling is a quick procedure, but it can produce impressive results, especially after multiple treatments. Here are three things to know if you are looking into microneedling treatments.

What It Can Be Used For

The first thing to consider is whether microneedling will benefit you. There are many cosmetic concerns that microneedling treatment can address. Microneedling can treat acne scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and skin texture concerns. The increase in collagen production from microneedling is responsible for many of its benefits. However, in the case of acne scarring, microneedling can break up scar tissue and improve the appearance of the acne scars. If you have skin concerns, you may want to discuss microneedling with your dermatologist. 

How Much It Costs

There are a few things to consider regarding the cost of microneedling. First, you will likely need multiple sessions to get the desired results. Second, the area where you want microneedling and the concerns you wish to address will also impact your bottom line. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $700 per microneedling session. Most people require three to six sessions to get the desired results. It's essential to consider the cost of multiple sessions when budgeting for microneedling treatments. If you have questions about the price, your provider will be able to give you an estimate of how much you will pay for this treatment.

How Long It Takes To Work

Another thing to know about microneedling is that you likely won't see instant results. It will usually take multiple treatments before you see brighter and firmer skin. You will also probably need additional treatments to maintain your results. If you are looking at microneedling, you will want to ask your provider to estimate how many treatments it will take to see results—before and after pictures will help you keep track of the effects of this treatment. 

Here's what to know if you are looking into microneedling treatment. First, microneedling can treat a variety of cosmetic concerns ranging from acne scarring to wrinkles. Second, the cost of microneedling varies depending on your provider and the number of treatments you require. Finally, you will likely need multiple rounds of microneedling to see your desired results.