Microneedling With PRP Is A Common Beauty Treatment Offered By Medical Spas

Medical spas provide a variety of cosmetic treatments that can help scars, wrinkles, sagging skin, and pockets of fat. They have treatments that range from facials to surgery. You'll find that many of the latest machines use lasers, cold treatments, and radiofrequency energy that can transform the appearance of your face and body.

If you're not quite ready for surgery yet and you want something more effective than a simple facial, a cosmetic treatment such as microneedling with PRP might be right for you. Here's how this treatment works.

Microneedling Stimulates The Healing Response

Microneedling involves a pen with tiny needles on the end that puncture your face. The pen is moved all around your face so the needles puncture areas where you need lifting and wrinkle reduction. This treatment works because the needles cause damage that triggers collagen to make repairs. When your skin produces more collagen, you'll notice improvement in wrinkles and tighter skin.

Microneedles Create Channels For Serums

Microneedling is usually combined with the application of serums. Serums are more effective after microneedling because the needles leave behind tiny channels that soak up the serum so the serum is more effective. While PRP isn't exactly a serum, it is absorbed into the needle channels in the same way.

PRP is platelet-rich plasma. The platelets contain growth factors that trigger repair in your skin, so applying PRP to your face could repair sun damage and help your skin stay younger-looking. A benefit of PRP is that it's obtained from your own blood right before it's put on your face. This reduces the risk of reactions and allergies.

The blood is drawn from your arm and spun in lab equipment until the plasma and cells separate. The plasma is then drawn off and either injected with a needle or rubbed on your skin before or after microneedling is done.

Results Could Take A While To Be Noticed

Your skin will undergo subtle changes over the course of a few weeks. You may need multiple treatments to get the results you're looking for. As collagen builds in your skin, you should notice fewer wrinkles as the weeks go by. Plus, your skin may be noticeably firmer and less saggy.

Microneedling is just one treatment that medical spas commonly offer. You can start with an evaluation of your skin and see what the esthetician recommends to help you achieve the result you want. Adults are never too old or too young to benefit from a medical spa treatment. If you'd rather stick with basic facials and body scrubs, it's a relaxing way to spend a few hours being pampered with beauty treatments.

If you're interested in microneedling, reach out to a medical spa in your area.