Microneedling With PRP Is A Common Beauty Treatment Offered By Medical Spas

Medical spas provide a variety of cosmetic treatments that can help scars, wrinkles, sagging skin, and pockets of fat. They have treatments that range from facials to surgery. You'll find that many of the latest machines use lasers, cold treatments, and radiofrequency energy that can transform the appearance of your face and body. If you're not quite ready for surgery yet and you want something more effective than a simple facial, a cosmetic treatment such as microneedling with PRP might be right for you.

5 Common Misconceptions About Microneedling

Facial microneedling treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves sticking tiny needles into the skin. The treatment can reduce sun damage, shrink pores, improve acne and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can improve your physical appearance and increase your self-confidence. However, there are still many misunderstandings about this treatment. Here are a few common misconceptions about microneedling. Microneedling Makes Holes in the Skin Many people assume that microneedling creates holes in the skin, so they may be hesitant about the procedure.

Considering Microneedling? What To Know

While microneedling may sound scary, it's a cosmetic treatment that can address various concerns. Microneedling involves puncturing the skin with tiny needles to stimulate collagen production. As we age, collagen levels naturally decrease. Treatments that increase collagen production can lead to many cosmetic benefits. Microneedling is a quick procedure, but it can produce impressive results, especially after multiple treatments. Here are three things to know if you are looking into microneedling treatments.

What Laser Hair Procedures Should You Consider?

If you want to get laser hair removal done or get laser hair treatments so you feel more in control of where your body hair is present—such as on your chest or bikini area—then a professional laser hair specialist can assist you. You'll want to get a consult before having any laser hair treatments done so you know which ones are best for you. What treatments are best for you depend on the type of hair you want to remove (head hair is different than leg or armpit hair, for example) and what your budget is.

Can You Get Dermal Fillers In Your 30s?

If you've always assumed that dermal fillers were only for older patients, then you're not alone. Fillers are often seen as being for patients with significant skin sagging and wrinkles. Indeed, the right fillers can do a lot for these issues. But you don't have to be retirement age to benefit from dermal fillers. In fact, many patients begin getting filler treatments in their 30s. Here's a closer look at what filler treatments in your 30s might involve and how they can benefit you.